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In accordance with the instructions given by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan during his visit to Bukhara region in 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the resolution №565 “On measures to construct the modern Business and Residential Center “Bukhara City” in Bukhara city” on July 8th, 2019.

In order to coordinate the work to be carried out on the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex and, if necessary, to provide practical assistance to investors, a State Unitary Enterprise of the Directorate for the construction and use of objects in the territory of “Bukhara City” was established under the administration of Bukhara region.

Also the following were defined as the main tasks of the Directorate:

Fulfilling tasks of customer on the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex, coordination and control of construction of objects and improvement of the territory;

Developing detailed project of the “Bukhara City” complex involving local and foreign project organizations;

Implementing advertising, propaganda and organizational work of “Bukhara City” complex for construction works through foreign and local media;

Conducting negotiations with investors for the implementation of projects, to select potential investors, to conclude an investment agreement with them on time on the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex, as well as to submit petitions to the regional authorities for the issuance of a plot of land to the investor for construction;

Constant monitoring of the implementation of projects to be implemented by investors on the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex;

Controlling implementation of modern energy-saving technologies by project organizations in designing of the construction of objects on the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex and ensuring the effective use of high-tech materials and items;

Controling over the implementation of the accepted obligations to the extent necessary by investors, making decisions on the premature termination of the agreements on investment inclusion in the territory of the “Bukhara City” complex in the event of non-fulfillment by investors of the accepted obligations or non-fulfillment of the required level, as well as making a proposal to the regional government;

Organizing publicly used areas, the use of engineering communications and the provision of services on the territory of the Bukhara City complex, including through the establishment of managing companies and the involvement of business entities;

Implementation of technical control over compliance with fire and technical safety regulations, town planning norms and rules established by investors, executors and service providers, owners of buildings, structures and residential premises and their users in the perform  ance of construction and installation work and in the use of facilities.