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IBC “Bukhara City” is located on the crossroads of Zulfiya, Scholar Ibrahim Muminov and Sanoatchilar streets, and occupies the territory of 83 hectares. When looked at the map, one can spot “Bukhara City” in the heart of the city.

The project has ideal location. It is quick and convenient to arrive from any point of the city. The current available transportation network allows to arrive this destination from any side of Bukhara within less than 20 minutes by public or private means of transportation. The distance between construction site and Old city (tourist destination) is less than 2.5 kilometers, and additionally, between International Airport and “Bukhara City” complex is 4 kilometers. In the future, tram line will be laid down to connect within the complex.

Nearest places and transport hubs:

Railway station

11 km / 14 minutes


3.2 km / 6 minutes

Old town

2.8 km / 5 minutes